Learn about the funding sources and spending allocation for fiscal year 2016-2017. Visit for more information on budget details.

Operating budget of $43 million, with the following sources...

Graphic breakdown of funding sources for Austin Transporttion.

Mobility Fund, 70%

Parking Management Fund, 30%

Department funds went toward...

Pie graph for Austin Transportation budget spending

Support Services, 25.76%

Services rendered to the entire department, including Finance, Administration and Human Resources.

Mobility Service and Parking Operations, 20.88%

Traffic Signals, 16.90%

Roadway Markings and Traffic Signs, 11.52%

Transportation Engineering, 7.75%

Right-of-Way Management, 5.90%

Administration and Management, 3.82%

Active Transportation, 3.34%

Special Events, 2.18%

Strategic Planning, 1.95%